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Julio Aguilera

Real American Ninja

“Be active, be positive, be passionate… ”

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“Great custom workouts to meet your particular needs ! Love my training sessions”

Nick Ellerbeck

“Julio is very dedicated to making sure your training is done properly. If your not doing something correctly he will make sure to let you know and explain the proper techniques and why it’s supposed to be done a certain way. Julio is more than a trainer. He is a great guy and has his clients best interest at heart. I would recommend him anytime.”

Jose Ramirez
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Julio and the team are the absolute best!

“A good friend of mine had his son enrolled with Julio at Team Overtime for a couple years and he shared some videos of his boy on the bags and I was like “Dude, I want my son to do that”… so I enrolled him last year. We started off with one-on-ones with Julio to gain the fundamentals, and then moved him into classes. Julio and Team Overtime have been just fantastic in helping my son both mentally and physically. I’ve had him enrolled little league, flag football, Tai Kwon Do and basketball. For most of these sports, he had a difficult time accepting instructions from coaches… not a behavioral issue, it was a “lack of interest” issue. Julio picked up on this and incorporated this into the weekly trainings. It was absolute magic to see my son start to appreciate the sport of Boxing and see his progress; to be motivated from this progress and want to continue. Not to mention, he is learning so much about self defense, co-ordination and sportsmanship. Today he is enrolled in both Boxing and Kick Boxing classes with Team Overtime.

So, to underscore how awesome Julio is, I myself enrolled in on-on-ones with Julio to learn the fundamentals so I can feel comfortable when I shift into the adult boxing classes. I’m currently active with these one-on-ones and I have to say… I’m LOVING IT. It’s good for health, weight and mental stability.

I highly recommend you take a serious look at Team Overtime. Julio and the team are the absolute best. I feel I’ve gained a family here. One that is standing on solid ground with a common sport that has only added POSITIVE things in this family’s lives..”

Matt N.

Murrieta, CA

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It’s about showing up, staying consistent, and putting in the work necessary every night in order to develop in the disciplines we offer here at Team Overtime that we feel turn martial artist into good mixed martial artist.⠀

“I want to thank Julio for working with me and improving my skills as a mixed martial artist as well as a athlete thanks bro!!!”

Ramiro Alatorre

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