The Challenge

Boxing is a great way to challenge the mind, engage the spirit, and strengthen the body. It’s a full-body workout, strengthening and toning your arms, core, back, and legs. Our classes are an excellent combination of cardiovascular and muscular training that develops your self-defense skills. Some of the benefits of boxing include improved reflexes, strength, endurance, agility, core strength, and overall fitness. You should see an improvement in your endurance and physical skills after only a couple of sessions! 


Our Program

We offer classes as well as private sessions for those who wish to learn the boxing basics or advance their current boxing skills. In our program, you will go through specialized workouts, including technical bag work, sparring, dynamic stretching, lower-body conditioning, abdominal work, shadow boxing, and more. Whether you are a competitive fighter or have no boxing experience at all, we can help!


To improve your boxing skills and get a workout you’ve never experienced before, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a boxing class with Team Overtime!

Let’s Make Things Happen

It’s about showing up, staying consistent, and putting in the work necessary every night in order to develop in the disciplines we offer here at Team Overtime that we feel turn martial artist into good mixed martial artist.⠀

“I want to thank Julio for working with me and improving my skills as a mixed martial artist as well as a athlete thanks bro!!!”

Ramiro Alatorre

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