The Challenge

Our kids Muay Thai program allows students of multiple age groups to learn a new and exciting sport. Students will learn beginner Muay Thai techniques while improving their coordination and agility.

Our Program

Muay Thai teaches your children self-defense skills and essential life lessons like focus, discipline, responsibility, and respect. They’ll learn to push themselves mentally and physically while developing their physical fitness. Kids who get regular exercise tend to sleep well and better handle physical and emotional challenges. Our program is a fun way for kids to make friends and learn an exciting new skill!

Let’s Make Things Happen

It’s about showing up, staying consistent, and putting in the work necessary every night in order to develop in the disciplines we offer here at Team Overtime that we feel turn martial artist into good mixed martial artist.⠀

“I want to thank Julio for working with me and improving my skills as a mixed martial artist as well as a athlete thanks bro!!!”

Ramiro Alatorre

recommends Team Overtime


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