In our previous blog, where we discussed the benefits martial arts has for children, you may have realized that these perks extend to adults as well. Beginner martial arts classes for adults are a great way to switch up your daily routine and get a killer workout. There is a general misconception that to practice martial arts, you have to start at a very young age. This is not true! Many people begin their martial arts journey as an adult, and as you’ll find out, it comes with many benefits.

It promotes growth in body, mind, and character, and did we mention it’s fun? Most people say that once they start taking classes, it becomes addicting! Watching your self-defense and athletic abilities improve is very exciting. If you’re considering taking beginner classes, we highly recommend reading this blog! Here are some of the key benefits of beginner martial arts classes for adults.

Get a Workout You’ve Never Experienced Before

Going to the gym and running on the treadmill or going through an exercise program can quickly become dull. When your workout partner can’t make it, or you had a long day at work, it can become difficult to motivate yourself to go to the gym. Martial arts classes are a great alternative because they provide practitioners with a full-body aerobic workout that is difficult to match in the gym. During class, you are doing movements and exercises you wouldn’t normally do, which increases your balance, coordination, flexibility, stamina, and strength. This cardiovascular workout is excellent for your heart and will help reduce excess body weight. Plus, it’s much more exciting than sitting on the stationary bikes!

Reduce Stress and Clear the Mind

Stress can accumulate throughout the day and can sometimes seem unavoidable. People who take martial arts classes can attest that it does wonders for relieving stress. During training, students learn to drown out distractions and focus on the present task at hand. Exercising releases endorphins in the brain, which boost overall mood. As you set goals for yourself, reach them, and then set your targets even higher, you create a positive feedback loop. This beneficial loop will stay with you into your personal life, helping you better handle those occasional long and stressful days.

It’s Always Fun to Learn Something New

Learning a new skill is fun! It’s easy to forget this during your first class when you may feel a little nervous or intimidated. Once you begin the workout and are around people at the same skill level as you, your worries will melt away. To make the experience even better, you can bring a buddy! You’ll be with someone familiar, and it will give you an accountability partner to keep you going. While keeping a routine is necessary when juggling work, children, and your social life, it can feel too repetitive at times. Adding something entirely new like boxing, Muay-Thai, or Brazilian-Jiu-Jitsu will bring excitement to your day.

Matt, one of our clients, ended up taking boxing classes after enrolling his child in classes with Team Overtime. In his five-star review on Yelp, he stated, “I myself enrolled in on-on-ones with Julio to learn the fundamentals so I can feel comfortable when I shift into the adult boxing classes. I’m currently active with these one-on-ones, and I have to say I’M LOVING IT. It’s good for health, weight, and mental stability.”

Your First Class with Team Overtime 

If you are still unsure about taking beginner martial arts classes for adults, try our free trial class! It’s a great way to try out a new sport without making any long-term commitments. If you’re ready to take your first class or have any questions, give us call us at (951) 609-4478 or contact us on our website.

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